Why join?

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Both individuals and organisations are welcomed to join the development.


If you came this far you probably find the opportunities arising in the EV-market an interesting challenge. By joining our movement you can do your part in tackling this challenge and halp the EV-market forward. Besides increasing the playing field of the parties operating in the EV-market you might also find that we are working on a very nifty piece of technology. However we are not under the impression that we have thought of the perfect product, but perhaps with your help we can get a step further to perfection!

Still triggered to help? Read more about the ways you can contribute.


As an organization there are several reasons to join the Motown community. Motown can add value to your business/organization and help the EV-market forward. Get involved with Motown and benefit from it in the following ways:

  1. Reduce risks
    • Built in new features and ask others members to help
    • The community might be able to help with issues you are experiencing
  2. Don’t lose time on integrating new services
    • It can be time consuming to merge new services with proprietary back-office systems. Help the Motown software to be integrated more widely and decrease the time needed for implementations.
  3. Compatibility
    • Motown is developed to stimulate compatibility in the EV-market. Help making all new services in the market becoming compatible with Motown systems. Compatibility saves an enormous amount of money and time.
  4. More innovation in the EV-market
    • When we develop (soon to be) commodities together, everybody is able to focus on value adding services and products. In this way the innovation in the EV-market is accelerated.
  5. More services and integrated Motown systems attract more users
    • If there are more integrated systems and many services available, it is likely to increase the adoption of the software.
  6. A say in the strategic outline of the Motown organization
    • The Motown Foundation is directed by its members. Becoming a member gives you a say in determining Motown’s strategic outline.

Enough reasons to get involved with the Motown community? Read more about the possible ways to contribute or to become a member.