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We believe that the vital existence of the foundation is dependent on the effort that is put into the community. The effort given by the community highly influences the success of the software. Therefore we use a membership system where several ways of input are accepted. The accepted currency for the membership fee is either an amount of money or time. The amount will depend on both the type of participant – individual or company – and the type of membership. In other words, anyone can become a member as long as effort is given in order to improve, maintain and evolve the Motown software.

With this membership system we hope to encourage all types of parties to join the Motown Foundation as a member. As a member of the Foundation you have the opportunity to help shape current and future versions of Motown software to meet their market and product requirements. Members have direct influence on the direction of the foundations corporate strategy.

Call for action

Currently we are recruiting board members. Are you a believer and do you want to help Motown forward in the right direction? Contact us!