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Motown is an open source software project. Contributions are welcome and actively encouraged to improve the products. There are multiple ways to contribute to the project. Some examples:

  • Share your experience with others (e.g. via Twitter, blogs, etc.)
  • Improve/write documentation (both technical and business related documentation are very much appreciated)
  • Report bugs
  • Send in feature requests
  • Fix bugs
  • Develop new features/new services
  • Promote the project

Where to find what? The diversity of ways to contribute to the Motown community can make the overview on what to find where somewhat unclear. The list below gives an overview of the guidelines you need for a contributing efficiently.


The home of the open source software project is

General technical information

General technical information on how the Motown project works can be found on the Motown-Wiki. Project specific information can be found in the related repository.

Stuff to work on

Look for an issue that suits you on the Issue page.

Communication channels

The main communication channels for the Motown project are Github Issues and Google Groups.

Developers guide

Guidelines for developers can be found on the Motown-Wiki.