Why Open Source?

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The Motown foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal to help develop and continue evolving an industry-supported charge technology management solution, facilitating the development of value added services for EV end-users.

The Motown foundation strongly beliefs in the power of the open-source community, which is why Motown is 100% open source under the Apache 2.0 License and in open development. The intellectual property of the software that has been developed already is given to the Motown Foundation and all future software that will be developed by the foundation will be made available online. However, if you want to contribute to Motown, or need to adapt it to satisfy the needs for your Motown-based application, this is allowed to be kept privately or used in any form of business model. However we strongly encourage everybody to give back their findings and improvements to the community so the technology can grow as a whole.

Open sourcing the Motown software is a unique advantage in a EV world where most solutions are still proprietary. We believe that developing a common basis together now will enable all stakeholders to start focusing on their value added activities instead of all inventing the same commodity.

All the software code is available on Github, including documentation. Github enables social coding, easy version control and reporting of issues. The community welcomes new developers and contributions. It is not obligatory to be part of the governed part of the Motown Foundation in order to contribute.

Not familiar with the concept of Open Source?

Here are some handy links to get to know more about Open Source in general:

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