Non-governance groups

As a community-based organization, there are many other groups of individuals and organizations that provide valuable work and services for the Motown foundation, but are not directly part of our corporate governance. These groups are: contributors, users, supporters and contractors.


Contributors are individuals who contribute patches – source code, documentation, help on Google groups – to Motown projects. Contributors do not have a specific governance role – however we are always on the lookout for productive and helpful contributors, so the technical committees can consider nominating new committers.


Users use our software, and can ask for help about our software. Many helpful users are non-technical, but still it is very valuable for us if they spend the time to submit bug reports and answer questions on our project’s communication channels.


Supporters are individuals or organizations that show their appreciation for the Motown foundation by pledging a (recurring) donation. The Motown foundation appreciates financial and other supports. When donations reach the regular membership level supporters are, just like any other party, welcome to become a member. If no membership participation is desired by a supporter, one can off course stay a supporter only.


The Motown foundation tries to rely on volunteers and members for the vast majority of the work – both at the technical and project levels, and at the organizational and board levels. However, in some cases it is necessary to hire paid staff. The board of directors is authorized to hire paid staff on services which they judge to be needed.