Why Motown?

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For the first time in history we see all pieces of the eMobility puzzle fall together. We believe eMobility is facing the same exponential growth (Moore’s law) as mobile phones, tablets, and solar energy. To be able to stimulate and harvest this new market potential of eMobility in the most optimal wat, it is essential that all different market areas collaborate.  Why should all parties put individual effort and resources in (soon to be) commodity software products causing a reduced amount of investments in value added functionalities?

eMobility is seamlessly part of the ongoing transition to an information society. A vital paradigm shift of the information society is the transformation to “open sharing”  and away from “proprietary owning”. We believe that together we can create a common foundation based on open sharing to ease collaboration and innovation to fulfill customers needs and grow the market of eMobility.

Potential Pitfalls

Market parties are currently individually developing the same basics, amongst others interoperability, which results in market redundancy of functionalities. Every investment in getting the basics in place limits the investments in real added value services. The basics are needed at the start of a new market, but why not share the needed effort of these basics to enable each party to focus on their own value added services?

Developing back office systems for a new market is expensive, however proven solutions from existing markets are likely to be re-usable. Lessons of the past learn that linking different systems in a complex overarching value chain is usually difficult, costly and time consuming where the devil is in the details.

Common ambitions

Agnostic of market – and business model, to accelerate the (co-)creation of sustainable eMobility solutions by the development of services related to charging technologies, matching EV-driver needs.

Co-creating sustainable eMobility solutions provide a positive contribution for all partners in the eMobility eco-system:

  • Reduction of total cost for innovation, co-creation & ownership/operation;
  • Shortening Time to Market for eMobility solutions;
  • Sharing experiences, solutions and knowledge.

Motown’s mission statement

Motown’s mission is to create and continue evolving an open source, industry-supported charge technology management solution, facilitating the development of value added services for EV end-users.

By standardizing communication between charge technologies and the outside world right now, we aim to increase the market share of electric mobility  and simultaneously increase the viability of added value services in the future. This will benefit all stakeholders in the electric mobility-market, from charge point vendors to mobility service providers and ultimately EV-drivers.