Market place of add-ons

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A wide variety of functional areas are interacting on the EV-market. All parties are adding value to the market by introducing new functions. Currently  each additional functionality needs to be integrated to proprietary back-office systems of CPOs; the compatibility of newly developed functions is very low.

Motown delivers the compatibility that makes an easy integration for all functions that are yet to be developed possible. The Motown Core has been developed in a highly scalable and modular manner. The hexagonal design that is chosen makes the development of a new service clear and easy. A wide implementation of the Motown Core will make it possible to integrate a new service as an add-on to all Motown systems in a short time frame and without much effort or high investments.

New services can be developed as an add-on by any party. The business model aligned with the release¬†of an add-on is free of choice for the developing party. When more and more services are brought to the market as an add-on, a market place of services will emerge. A marketplace where a mixture of services will be offered with a variety of business models. As the picture shows, the Motown Core is the generic communication platform implemented, improved and maintained by the Motown organization. The Motown organization also develops add-ons. Both the Motown Core and the add-ons are published as an open source and free to download fro everybody. Add-ons can also be developed apart from Motown’s technical committees. For these developments the choice is free whether to publish the add-on as a open or closed source, what earning model is linked to the add-on or service and whether the add-on will be made available in the Motown marketplace.

In short, the Motown organization will focus on improving and developing the communication Core and services that are or are soon to become a commodity for the larger part of the market. Other services can be developed by any party and published with any desired business model.